What is Fractcheck?

For too long, fractivists and their friends in Hollywood have been able to make wild, unsupported claims about fracking with relative impunity. FractCheck is going to change that. Celebrities may be rich and famous, but no amount of money can excuse their deliberate falsehoods about fracking.

FractCheck.com is a project of FrackFeed that seeks to keep fractivists' false claims in check and serve as a helpful resource for individuals looking for facts on hydraulic fracturing. FrackFeed is a program of Texans for Natural Gas, a pro-energy grassroots group with more than 270,000 members.

Like the anti-fracking movement itself, this site is a parody.

Our Rating System


These are facts, backed up by real science. Period.

Mostly Fract

Accurate, but may not go far enough in describing the full picture.

Mostly No

Basically false, and perhaps stated with the goal of misinforming the public, but not a flat out lie.

Le-oh no!

Named after our favorite Hollywood fractivist, Leonardo DiCaprio, these claims are so wrong that they should be either dismissed or laughed at (or maybe both). Think "Pants on Fire" from Politifact, or Four Pinocchios from the Washington Post.