Most of these chemicals are not biodegradable. Once they are introduced to the aquifer, they will remain there forever. (Source)

Artists Against Fracking

Mostly No.  First, many of the elements and “chemicals” that fractivists point to as “proof” of groundwater contamination related to fracking are naturally occurring – such as methane. While there are a number of additives used by oil and gas companies, scientists have repeatedly debunked fractivists’ claims with respect to water contamination. Moreover, it is well-documented that many aquifers have a number of naturally occurring contaminants, which fractivists falsely blame on fracking. Groundwater is often misrepresented as a pool of fresh, drinkable water. In reality, it can be several times saltier than saltwater and contain harmful compounds such as naturally occurring radioactive material, rendering many aquifers completely undrinkable.

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