Here’s what I know about fracking: The greedy oil and gas companies of this country have decided that they can squeeze every last little ounce of oil and gas out of previously pumped wells by injecting the substrata of our planet with highly toxic, carcinogenic chemicals, which then seep into the aquifer and hence into the water supply of Americans. (Source)

David Letterman

Considering he prefaced this statement with, “I’m not smart enough to understand it, but here is what I know about fracking,” maybe leave it to the experts, dude. First, fracking fluid is over 99 percent water, with additives such as lubricants, proppants (sand), and surfactants that are found in your kitchen. Additionally, fracking takes place at an average of over 8,300 feet below the surface, meaning there are literally thousands of feet of earth (and billions of tons of rock) between the fracking process and aquifers, which usually just a few hundred feet below the surface. Because of this distance, studies have shown that fracking fluid does not upwardly migrate into underground drinking water sources.

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