Seemingly determined to get every last drop of oil and pocket of gas, the industry has worked itself into a 31-state frenzy, drilling next to homes, schools, even in the middle of cemeteries. They’re polluting air and water, making people sick, hurting communities and delaying our transition to clean, safe, renewable energy. (Source)


Mostly No. While the industry is active in 31 states – most for decades – development is strictly regulated at both the state and federal level. It’s far from a “frenzy.” Numerous studies have shown the industry is not a threat to groundwater, air quality or public health, nor is it delaying renewable energy technology. Quite the contrary, natural gas goes hand in hand with solar and wind as a supplement to downtimes. In fact, a 2016 working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research said natural gas and renewables are “highly complementary and that they should be jointly installed to meet the goals of cutting emissions and ensuring a stable supply."

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