"It would be difficult to live without the benefits of oil and natural gas, but it can be done. This planet existed and survived for well over 4 billion years without using fossil fuels, the last 200,000 years or so which has included homo sapien existence.”


Sure, you could live without the benefits of oil and gas, but think about what you would be giving up: reliable electricity (about 70 percent of global energy use is from fossil fuels); natural gas or oil to use for heat during freezing winter temperatures; any items with plastics or chemical components like computers, phones, electronics, modern medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, clothes, modern housing; nearly any form of transportation; any food grown with fertilizer – the list goes on. So if you’d like to turn your back on arguably the most important driver of industrialization, economic growth and prosperity, and instead live in the dark ages burning whale oil in your mud hut, be our guest. We’ll be busy watching Netflix and not freezing to death.

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