Fracking is a dirty form of oil drilling that pollutes our air and our oceans. It’s time to move to clean, renewable energy. (Source)

Hayden Panettiere

Who knew you could get so many things wrong in just one sentence? First off, fracking is not drilling, but instead a process that breaks open hard shale rock to allow the trapped oil and gas to flow freely. Secondly, thanks to the wealth of natural gas now being produced in the U.S. through fracking, we’re using it more and more for electricity generation. As a result, emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and lead have all decreased significantly. Finally, a major study from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency concluded that fracking is not a major risk to drinking water sources. Moving to clean, renewable energy sounds great, but you still need fracking: the National Bureau of Economic Research reported in 2016 that renewables and natural gas-fired electricity are “highly complementary and should be jointly installed.” 

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