When I moved to a rural farming community in upstate New York, it happened to be in the middle of the shale gas boom, and I started to hear anecdotal stories from people living there. Life gets really real when you’re talking with people who are struggling for existence... The poor people in the world are suffering the most from this system [of market-driven energy use]. It’s violent to go into a community and poison them, even if that violence is in slow motion. (Source)

Mark Ruffalo

Nothing like a wealthy Hollywood celebrity claiming to be a champion for “poor people” while discussing his estate. Must be nice, rich guy! Despite what Ruffalo claims, it’s not fracking that is hurting people, but rather his efforts to stop it. According to a University of Chicago study, shale development has a net benefit for communities where it takes place, helping to raise housing prices by almost six percent, increasing tax revenues by an average of 15.5 percent, and helping lift employment by an incredible 10 percent. The study also found that shale development not only lowers energy prices, it increases average household income by six percent, meaning hardworking men and women in these communities are making more money and keeping more of it. Those anecdotes are one thing; facts and data are completely different.

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