Where this risky gas drilling practice is already happening around the country — including right next door in Pennsylvania — we’ve seen grave consequences unfold: from drinking water contaminated with toxic chemicals and radioactive waste, to residents reportedly getting sick, livestock dropping dead, homes exploding, and property values tanking

mark ruffalo

LE-OH NO! Fracking is happening around the country, but it brought economic growth to these places – especially Pennsylvania – not these terrible things that Ruffalo claims. State and federal agencies, along with academic institutions have found that fracking is not a serious risk to drinking water supplies. Further, Ruffalo claims to be worried about climate change, but here’s an inconvenient fact: natural gas produced through fracking has helped significantly lower emissions of CO2, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ozone, greatly improving air quality. Finally, contrary to what The Hulk claims, shale development has been shown to be a net benefit for communities, helping raise median housing prices by nearly 6 percent.


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