Fracking pumps dangerous cancer-causing chemicals into the ground and threatens our drinking water. (Source)

Susan Sarandon

TFW celebrities think they know more than scientists* A big, fat LE-OH NO! First, the claim that additives used in the fracking process or that the process itself has any relation to increased incidence of cancer is completely unfounded. Companies disclose the chemicals used in the fracking process on FracFocus.org, and many of those substances are found in household items. Chemicals such as sulfuric acid or naphthalene might sound scary, but each can be found in items like dish soap and carpet cleaner. Controversial (and debunked) studies that make these “cancer-causing” claims are using concentration levels hundreds if not thousands of times higher than what is used in the fracking process. Second, numerous studies have proven that fracking doesn’t pose a significant risk to drinking water resources – despite what celebrity fractivists might claim. 

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