We should not have to debate whether fracking is dangerous. (Source)

The Progressive Army

Mostly Fract. While we agree that constantly debating the safety of fracking can at times be frivolous, The Progressive Army is claiming that a debate on fracking should be ended simply because they deem it to be dangerous. It’s concerning that a group would try to shut down a discussion because they disagree with the scientific consensus, but, unfortunately, this is par for the course for many activists. Are oil and natural gas development risk-free? No, but then again is any industrial process? Federal and state agencies, along with universities and research institutions have all concluded that fracking does not pose a significant risk to drinking water, and even benefits air quality, as natural gas is helping to substantially lower CO2 and other emissions. We can only assume that these groups want to stop debate because they refuse to admit the safety and reliability of fracking.

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