I’m against it. It’s bad for the land, bad for the farmers, bad for the soil. It’s just all-around a bad idea. (Source)

Willie Nelson

Sure, fracking does have some impact on the land while the operation is taking place, but there are stringent regulations and industry standards that operators are held to in order to minimize impacts. Plus, technologies like horizontal drilling have allowed for greater production from a single well, meaning fewer wells are drilled and surface impacts are decreased. Operators also restore the land following development (a process known as reclamation), with companies going above and beyond in order to maintain the area’s natural beauty. As for it being “bad for the farmers,” what is Willie smoking (okay, we know). If anything, fracking has helped farmers, as recycled wastewater from fracking has been used to irrigate crops in drought stricken California. Plus, royalties from development have funneled billions of dollars to farmers and other landowners, helping them keep their land during tough times.

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